Residential Thermal Inspections

Infrared scans can locate the source of potential problems in buildings in a non-invasive, non-destructive way. No walls, floors, or roofs have to be torn apart to locate the source of potential problems, which in turn saves building and home owners thousands of dollars.

A thermal inspection of your home can identify many problem areas in your home by detecting the following:

  • Inadequate Attic Insulation  
  • Inadequate Wall Insulation
  • Improper Roof Ventilation
  • Problems with under-floor heating
  • Air leakage from windows and doors

If you suspect your structure has hidden problems that are costing you money, call me today for an infrared inspection!

The pictures in the top row above taken from a visible inspection do not detect any problem with these ceilings.  However, pictures below of the same areas taken during a thermal imaging scan clearly show anomolies which would not have been picked up with any other type of inspection. These thermal images have captured areas of uninsulated repairs and inadequate roof insulation.