Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about thermal inspection. 

Is the inspection performed from the inside or outside of the house?

An infrared inspection includes both the inside and outside of the house.  An outside scan will be able to identify issues of air leakage and heat loss, while inside inspections will isolate problems such as inadequate insulation and improper roof ventilation.

How long will the inspection take?

Length of the inspection will vary depending on the size of your structure.  Most average size homes can be scanned in 1 to 1.5 hrs.  For larger commercial structures, length of scan will need to be determined by your thermographer.

What is the best time for an infrared home inspection?

An inspection can be performed any time, day or night.  Scans are usually "condition" dependent, meaning your thermographer will need to factor outside conditions such as weather in order to determine the best time.  In addition, most scans will require that there be at least a 10º temperature difference from the inside air to the outside air.

Do I have to move furniture away from the walls before a scan?

Furniture or other items against walls may prevent the inspector from finding anomalies in the wall behind them.  Please discuss with your thermographer prior to inspection.

How is cost determined for an infrared scan?
Within our service area, cost of an infrared scan will be determined mainly by the square footage of your structure.  For commercial structures outside of our service area, cost will be determined by square footage plus travel costs.  It is important to keep in mind that the cost will be well worth the expense since thermography can detect problems undetectable by any other method.

What areas do you service?

We provide residential and commercial scans to customers in the Corner Brook and surrounding areas.  We consider commercial scans outside of our service area based on an individual basis.

If you require more information, or have other questions, please contact us.  You may call us day or night, or send us an email if you prefer.  We promise to provide prompt responses to your question.