Thinking of buying a new home?

If you have ever purchased a home or are thinking of buying your first house, you no doubt already know that it is wise to have a home inspection as a condition of your agreement of purchase and sale. You may, however, want to think about adding a thermal imaging inspection also.  The efficient use of energy is high on a home buyers mind these days.  A thermal inspection can show you where heat loss is occurring around windows, doors, ceilings and attics, as well as identify defects in the building envelope.  A thermal inspection is not intended to make or break a sale, but rather to help you make an informed decision.

Building a new structure?

Whether you are putting up an apartment building, building your dream house, or finally able to put up that building your business needs, you want to make sure it is done right.  I have experience in construction monitoring and documentation.  My many years of building design have given me a keen eye when it comes to construction.  I am available to monitor the construction of your structure as an independent third party and provide you with an unbiased, detailed report.  So you can rest easy knowing things are built not only correctly, but the way YOU want!